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20 Creative Ways To Get Your Home Organized Fast

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

+5 Bonus Tips Using Closet Connections Custom Storage Solutions!

It's no secret many of us are panicked as soon as someone says they're on their way over. For the next ten minutes, you're frantically rushing around the house to hide your clutter. This scenario is much too real and shouldn't be something to be ashamed about. We all do it, right?! It’s never too late to get the clutter under control and organized. If you want to get your home organized but don’t know where to begin, follow these tips down below to get started and organized fast! Once everything has a home, there will be less clutter controlling your life. Finally, when that doorbell rings, you can peacefully answer the door!

1. Get your mops and brooms off the floor of your storage closet or garage floor – Organize them vertically with our 8- or 9-inch hooks. Installed into our silver track, this simple organizer can hold brooms, mops, rakes, along with other miscellaneous cleaning supplies. Mounted to the wall, you’ll save floor space and have easy access for your cleaning needs.

2. Photo Storage Boxes – Finally have a spot to store your children’s photos. Dedicate a photo box for each member of the family to store their own personal memorabilia like photos and small art projects. Base the size of the box on how many things you plan to store. Such as a thinner box only for photos or a taller box to store folders of past schoolwork etc.

3. Go through your dishware – Store serving dishes or seasonal platters together in a different location than your everyday dishware, such as the top of your pantry or in a dedicated cupboard. Consider storing seasonal dishes with your seasonal décor in storage to utilize during the specific season only. Keep them out of the way from your everyday dishware. If you’re not a fan of seasonal dishware, uniform your dishes by purchasing them in only one color. You can never go wrong with white dishware! It’s timeless and very easy to repurchase if something gets broken.

4. Keep track of your Tupperware! Store Tupperware in one place, either a deep drawer or cupboard in your kitchen. When putting Tupperware away, match the lid to the bottom and snap together; that way, you'll never misplace the lid again. If you're working with a tight space, purchase a Tupperware organizer from an organization store and keep lids with lids and vice versa. Consider buying a set with color coordinating lids. In that case, you'll know which lid goes with which bottom quicker.

5. Create a command center -Fit the unique needs of your family by personalizing a command center for important information. Whether that’s a wall calendar hung with reminders in the mudroom or a weekly calendar on the inside of your kitchen cupboard or pantry door. Remember to keep a notepad near for jotting down grocery lists and meal ideas.

6. Lazy Susans – These innovative rotating organizers can be utilized in just about any space of your home. Store in the kitchen for cooking needs, in the bathroom for hair products, or in the linen closet for storing medicine. These organizers can be purchased in any size to fit your space and will keep products from getting lost in the back of a cluttered cupboard.

7. Shoe Storage – Organize your shoes heel to toe for maximum storage potential. This storage system will make getting dressed a breeze when you can quickly glance at the shoes you have.

8. Pet Food Storage – Large bags of pet food can take up a lot of space and can get messy when it’s time to feed your pet. Instead of scooping food from a floppy bag, store your pet food in a sturdier container. Use a clear jar with a lid to create a minimalistic look, or whichever container you prefer. Keep a proportioned scoop in the container to make feeding time mess-free and efficient.

9. Keep clutter off your surfaces – Fancy up clear surfaces to make it more difficult to throw clutter on them. For example, keep your side tables decorated with a framed photo or figurines. Another idea is to add a table runner or centerpiece to another open space such as a long counter or table. Having these surfaces decorated will make you less likely to pile up junk on top.

10. Store your paper towel vertically – A hanging shelf organizer is a perfect size to store your stockpile of paper towel. Keep them from crowding the floor of your storage by hanging them instead. One paper towel roll fits perfectly when laid flat in the hanging organizer.

11. File Folders – While file folders serve a practical purpose, to store your files, they’re also great for other things. Keep your paper bags or reusable shopping bags tucked away by hanging file folders on the wall.

12. Suitcase Storage – Keep your smaller suitcases zipped in your largest suitcase, it’ll free up a ton of storage by having them all in one place.

13. Backpacks – Hang backpacks on hooks either in a mudroom, near a back door, or in a coat closet. When not in use, empty them and store them flat on closet shelves or under your child’s bed.

14. Keys – Hang your car keys near your door on hooks or place them in a small decorative dish. Always hang them up immediately after arriving home, so you aren’t left searching for them when it’s time to leave the house.

15. Keep your linens organized – Tuck extra sets of sheets in their respective pillowcase to keep your linen closet tidy. You’ll be able to quickly find the set you need when you can glance at the pillowcase.

16. Creatively Store memorabilia – Shadowboxes make great storage for memorabilia. For example, keep graduation items such as the cap and gown, graduation and grad party invitations preserved in a shadowbox. Important sports uniforms, college memorabilia, concert tickets, etc. can be corralled in one place, but still visible.

17. Dedicate a drawer for drink storage – Use clear drawer organizers or simply separate by type. Keep K cups, tea packets, sugar packets, organized by type in a kitchen drawer. Preferably keep your coffee machine close and cut down on cardboard boxes taking up valuable food storage space.

18. Label it all! – You can never have too many labels. Get creative by labeling pantry essentials, storage bins, laundry room staples, etc. Having a dedicated label for a particular product will keep you motivated to put things back where they belong. It’ll save you time when looking for something too.

19. Keep your phone under control – Go through your phone content often. Get rid of old contacts, apps, and photos. Organize apps by which ones you use most. Limit notifications or phone usage in your settings. Go through email and unsubscribe to subscriptions that are no longer suiting you. The truth is, many of us are spending a lot more time on our electronics, we might as well keep them tidy.

20. Frame important symbols and hang them inside a cupboard door – For example, a laundry symbols guide could be printed and hung in your laundry room for décor and serve a practical purpose. Hang measurements for the kitchen in a cupboard for quick reference.

Closet Connections Custom Storage Solutions

Tie Rack – This pull-out storage rack is installed directly into your closet for hanging ties.

Jewelry Trays – Store jewelry in custom velvet trays. These can be fitted to any drawer and can give your closet a boutique feel, keeping all of your jewelry visible, you’ll be sure to wear your pieces more often!

Flip Open Laundry Hamper – Give your laundry room a unique feature by keeping dirty laundry off the floor. Tucked away behind cabinet doors, these flip open laundry hampers are a practical storage solution.

Bike Rack – Keep bikes off the floor of your garage or storage space by hanging them horizontally against the wall.

Closet Storage Basket – Keep the floor of your closet clean by implementing a pull-out storage basket. Perfect for storing dirty laundry and miscellaneous clutter.

There you have it, 25 creative organizing tips for your home! We hope these tips gave you inspiration for your next organizing project. Reference our other blog posts for more in-depth storage and organizing tips for your closet, pantry, garage, and more!

Closet Connections is now offering virtual design consultations, book now by visiting our Facebook page. Although we are currently not in the office, Closet Connections are still designing, from the safety of our homes. Please feel free to send us photos and dimensions of your spaces to our email and we will gladly provide you with 3D renderings and pricing. E-mail us at Changes can either be made over the phone or through e-mail.

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