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2020 Holiday Gift Guide #2

Shop this gift guide: No. 1 – Clutch Organizer // No. 2 – Felt Hangers // No. 3 - Sunglass Stand //

No.4 - Drawer Dividers // No. 5 - Storage Bins // No. 6 - Watch organizer // No. 7 Catch All Tray’s // No.8 - Everyday Jewelry Holder

We’re back for our second holiday gift guide. This week, we’ve compiled some of our favorite closet organizers. Follow along every Monday throughout the month of November for more Holiday Gift Guides to go live on our Facebook and Instagram! Click each corresponding number from the photo to shop each item, we hope you get inspired!

These acrylic organizers are great for storing clutches, wallets and small purses. It keeps them standing up right and ensures none of your purses get hidden in the back of your closet and forgotten about!

Velvet hangers are our favorite for hanging clothes. They’re thin, so you can hang more clothes on a rod, and they won’t leave dents or creases in your clothing.

This sunglass stand would be a great gift idea if bought with the purse organizer. Also acrylic, this stand is perfect for displaying sunglasses and glasses. Giving your closet a boutique feel, having your items on display will have you reaching for them more often!

These drawer dividers make organizing small items easy. Perfect for storing undergarments, socks, bathing suits, etc. these dividers can fit in any drawer.

These storage bins are great because of their clear panel and lid. Store just about anything in these, they stack great too. The clear panel makes it easy to see what’s inside.

This watch box is the perfect gift for any guy or girl in your life! It comes in either black or camel with twelve inserts for watches. Add a personal touch by having the glass front etched with a monogram. This is a timeless gift that would be perfect addition to someone’s closet.

These catch all trays are another fun gift to give to anyone. They’re great to put on a shelf in your closet for small jewelry, coins, buttons, etc. They come in different sizes with tons of different prints. Customize with a monogram for whoever you’re gifting it to!

This jewelry holder is a fun gift for all ages. It’s small and dainty, perfect for storing everyday jewelry.

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