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Custom Closet Ideas for Children + Staying Productive during Remote Learning

A custom closet is an investment that lasts a lifetime. Make the decision to invest in your child’s bedroom with a flexible system that has room to grow. Our kids’ closet systems evolve with your child, always meeting their needs. From newborn to young adult, a Closet Connections custom storage solution will be the best investment made in their room. The adaptable design will suit the needs of your child throughout their youth. No matter the size of the room, having a system that utilizes the space best will ensure everything has a place, keeping their room cleaner for longer. It teaches your kids the importance of organization and gives them plenty of space to store their prized possessions.

Will my Custom Closet suit the needs of my child as they grow older?

With dozens of colors to choose from, rest assured you’ll find the perfect color to suit the style of your child’s room. White is classic and never goes out of style. Our Arctic White color is the most affordable option, it always looks crisp and clean. A darker wood color such as Mocha is a more mature option that is sure to age well. Morning Mist is a delicate and youthful option, also ages well. Regardless of the color you choose, each of our cabinets have arctic white interiors. In addition to our dozens of color options, we have dozens of handles and hardware to choose from as well. Keep in mind that hardware is incredibly easy to switch out. You have the ability to change knobs and handles, maturing with your child.

Each closet is equipped with notches, making alternating closet shelves a breeze. The closet system can be quick to adapt as quickly as your child grows. Drawers are designed with dovetail joinery and the highest quality of glides. They are built to stand the test of time with years of wear and tear, they’re meant to last and appear timeless with age.

Accessories to keep in mind

When going through the design process of developing a closet for your child, consider implementing wire storage baskets. If added at a lower level, they are the perfect height to be within your child’s view. It is a great spot to store toys, shoes, and bulkier items. Tiny shoes fit wonderfully in these large wire bins, same goes for miscellaneous toys. Your child can store whatever they need in these bins which conceals the clutter when the drawer is closed. As your child grows, they can store overflow clutter from the rest of their room instead of toys. Wire bins can be concealed within a drawer or left as an open concept.

Can be added later on…

The great thing about choosing Closet Connections to design your child’s closet, is that designs can be modified down the road to implement closet accessories that fit the needs of your child as they age. Elements can be added to the design in the beginning to suit their needs when they’re older.

Jewelry Trays Our velvet lined jewelry trays can take the place of a drawer by becoming pull outs. They can also be designed custom to fit in a preexisting drawer. Perfect for storing delicate jewelry and small accessories. These trays are appreciated with age, seeing as though they fit the needs of young adults and beyond.

Belt & Tie Racks – These convenient pull outs keep ties and belts hung neatly together. Keeping these accessories visual will ensure they get worn often and keeps them from getting lost.

Double Hanging Rods are the perfect storage solution for tiny clothes. Rods can be adjusted later on to accommodate growing clothes. The double rod design is great for optimizing vertical closet space and for separating clothing by type. For example, shirts on the top rod and pants on the bottom rod. A single rod on one side and double rod on the other is great for hanging longer items such as dresses or jackets, while still separating clothing on the other side.

Drawers are essential to a fully functioning closet system. They’re great for folded clothes and tucking away clutter. Consider adding a laundry wire basket in your design. Keep clothes off the floor and teach your kids to put their dirty clothes in the hamper rather than leaving them on the floor. Drawers can be customized to fit depth and size depending on the size of your closet. Having a set of drawers in the closet eliminates the need for a dresser in smaller rooms.

Shelving is another essential element to a functional closet. They maximize vertical space and give you the ability to visually see what you have. They’re great for folded clothes and shoes and are even the perfect spot to showcase books and toys. Bins can be placed on the shelves to add a personal and organized touch to the space.

Wall to Wall Units – Great use of space in tiniest of rooms, or rooms that lack decent closet space. They are a great focal point to your child’s room and can be decorated to match the aesthetic of the space. Wall units can function as closets, entertainment spaces, and can even contain a murphy bed. These units can maximize storage needs by utilizing floor to ceiling wall space but can also function as a beautiful display. This is a great option for smaller spaces and can be easily converted into a guest room for later in life.

A custom closet by Closet Connections is the perfect addition to any bedroom. Built to stand the test of time, our closet systems will grow and mature with your child. Having a custom closet will help you maximize the storage potential of any space, regardless of the size. Designed to accommodate your child’s needs from the newborn stage into their early adulthood. Completely customizable, our team will listen to your needs and make your dreams a reality.

Homework Station

These past few months have certainly tested the ability and ease of remote learning. Keeping kids engaged and excited to perform their schoolwork can be very challenging when outside of their normal learning environment. A functional study space is instrumental to your child being productive when it comes to getting their schoolwork completed. Consider implementing a quiet workspace in your home to accommodate learning and studying for your children.

Kids learn best without constant distractions, spaces they’re used to playing in or watching TV can make it harder to engage in school. It’s beneficial to set up a separate space dedicated to getting work done, as free from distractions as possible. Knowing they have a dedicated quiet space to focus in will ease the stress of remote learning and can help separate school and home balance.

Designing a study space doesn’t necessarily have to take up a lot of space. Either a spot in their bedroom is sufficient or a corner in the kitchen or wall space in the basement can certainly function just as well as an entire dedicated home office. Carefully assess where everyday distractions take place before deciding where to set up a home school station. If you work from home too and take a lot of phone calls, that can be distracting if your children are working in the same space. If the workspace is out in the open it can be hard for kids to tune into their work when constant talking, and movement is going on around them. Once you’ve dedicated an area that will best suit your family’s needs, consider customizing a desk space. Depending on the number of family members that plan to utilize the desk area helps give an idea of what elements can be included. Multiple work areas can be beneficial if you plan to work with your child, or if you have multiple children that need to get work done. Desks can include cabinets and drawers to hide clutter and distractions. Remember to keep the workspace clear of anything that could deter your child from being as productive as possible. This custom workstation doesn’t have to just be utilized from learning or working from home. Children can read, do arts and crafts, and have screen time in a peaceful space. They’re great study spots for when your child reaches high school and college age. Again, a work station designed to accommodate your child’s remote learning will serve them for years and years to come.

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