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Updated: Jun 4, 2020

15 Brilliant Garage Storage Solutions That Will Get You Organized Fast!

Garages are often the last place thought about in your home and can accumulate with clutter quickly. Often, objects without a place in your home get thrown out to the garage. Disorganized bins, scattered tools, and equipment can make it frustrating and time-consuming when in search of something. Although, this spacious, open area has the potential to become a substantial storage space. Home Garages have been around for nearly a century. In recent decades, many people are utilizing their garages as an entryway to their home. In some cases, they lead to the home’s mudroom or kitchen. The garage doesn’t have to be used as a dumping ground for tools and kids’ equipment, with a custom storage solution, your garage can become a beautiful, organized extension of your home.

These Garage storage solution ideas will help make the most of your garage and maximize its storage potential. Storage solutions are completely custom to meet the needs of every family. You'll finally be able to know where everything is and park your cars in a clean and organized garage. Say goodbye to a disorganized dumping ground and utilize your garage for extra storage in your home!

Storage Solution Tips

1. Zone it Out

  • Map out your garage and designate zones for your convenience. Decide which wall to store sports equipment, off-season essentials, household essentials and overflow, tools, etc. Consider placing everyday gear closest to the door. Ensure you still have room for your cars and comfortable walking distance around.

2. Utilize Vertical Space

  • Use your wall space to its fullest potential! Elongating shelving and cabinets high will give you the ability to store more things without taking up any additional floor space. Remember to keep in mind storing less reached for items up high and commonly reached for items down below. Objects up high can easily be brought down with the use of a step stool. (Keep a small collapsible step stool in your garage for reaching up high objects!)

3. Use Slat Wall – For awkwardly shaped objects

  • Awkwardly shaped objects that simply don’t fit nicely on shelves or in cabinets can be stored neatly on our Slat Wall system. Keep shovels, rakes, balls, helmets, etc. hung nicely against the wall for easy access.

4. Hang it Up – Use Hooks

  • Get bulky items off the floor with hooks. Easily attachable and customizable to our Slat-Wall system, or simply to be installed directly to the wall. Finally, have a place to store kids' hockey or soccer nets, lacrosse sticks and golf clubs, tennis rackets, ladder’s, yard tools, etc.

5. Consider it an entryway to your home

  • For many, their garage is the entryway to their home. Ease the transition between inside and out by utilizing space near the door as a stopping point. Store shoes, jackets, etc. If you lack space to have a mudroom indoors or want to prevent dragging excess dirt into the home, consider adding a locker system or a storage bench. You and your children will finally have a place to sit down and take shoes off while storing them out in the garage prevents dirt and germs from entering the home. Leave your rain and snow boots, golf shoes, cleats, garden shoes in the garage with a shoe shelf. If your garage is an extension of your kitchen, have a place for bulk beverages or freezer space near the door instead.

6. Create a workstation

  • Create an organized workbench to store tools and complete small home projects. Consider a maple top, silver track to store nails, screws, and paper towels. Contain tools in an organized toolbox to store under or above your workstation, that way you can keep track and know where everything is the next time you’re doing a home project!

7. Contain your clutter – Use Bins

  • Seeing as though your garage is walked through daily, it’s important to focus on containing your clutter in an organized fashion. Your garage will stay clean daily and will be a lot easier to maintain if everything has a home. Containing essential items in storage bins will maximize your storage potential. Place less used bins up high and commonly reached for down below.

8. Label, Label, Label

  • Don’t make the mistake of throwing clutter into bins and forgetting about it. Labeling each storage bin with a small label will ensure everything stays in its place. Having labels makes everything so much easier to find and makes sure things are put back. Your storage will become both functional and practical when everything has a place.

9. Hang your Bikes

  • Depending on how many people are in your family, bikes can quickly crowd space on the ground and can easily tip over and scratch the car. Rule out both of those mistakes by utilizing slat wall and hanging your bikes vertically to get them out of the way.

10. Create a sports equipment station

  • Stop throwing your kid's sports gear down in the basement to try and hide their smell. Instead, designate a place in your garage to hang hockey and lacrosse sticks, air out helmets and gloves by hanging them on hooks, and store bags on a low shelf. If sports aren’t your thing, consider storing lawn games such as badminton, croquet, cornhole, etc. in a similar fashion.

11. Deep Cabinets

  • Deep 24" cabinets are a convenient place to store bulkier items. Hideaway leaf blowers, extension cords, car seats, and hoses behind closed doors with easy access.

12. Shallow Cabinets

  • Shallow cabinets are a great place to store an assortment of supplies. Contain dangerous chemicals and cleaning supplies up high and away from small hands. Store gloves, rags, fertilizers, salt, and gardening supplies too.

13. Store your Seasonal Items

  • Utilize vertical space by storing seasonal items up high. Whether that’s bins of holiday decorations or winter equipment, keeping it up high will ensure it’s up and out of the way. Store pool floats, coolers, and beach chairs up high during the winter and store sleds, snow play toys, or snowboards up high during the summer. Rotating storage will maximize your garage’s storage availability.

14, Purge Often

  • Spring is the perfect time to take inventory of what you're storing in your garage. Get rid of broken tools, sleds, old scooters, or play toys that your children are no longer playing with. Replace broken equipment in time for the summer months. Your garage could be the last spot in your house you'd think to purge, but it should be maintained just like the rest of your home to keep it a tidy and functional space.

15. Utilize open baskets for frequently reached for objects

  • Make the most of the slat wall and silver track accessories by hanging open bins and baskets. Contain gardening supplies, golf balls, sidewalk chalk, small tools, reusable totes, and bags, etc. Making sure reached for items are accessible will ensure they are put back in their place.

For more information on #Garages or #Storage Solutions, contact Closet Connections today at (313) 884-1818 or e-mail Make sure to check back for more blogs, and follow us on Facebook for the most up to date information.

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