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Updated: Aug 3, 2020

“Say goodbye to chaotic mornings and hello to an organized and efficient departure."

The entryway of your home is the last stop in the morning and the first stop in the evening. Stop running out the door in a stressful state after frantically searching for misplaced items in the morning. Instead, save yourself time and focus on the functionality of your entryway. By having a well planned out mudroom in your home, you can eliminate lost necessities and leave with everything you and your family need. Keys, lunch boxes, bags, etc. will be easy to find when they are kept in a designated spot. Whether you enter your home through the front door, back door, or garage, your entryway can become a dumping ground for dropping off things on your way in or out of the house. With the help of a custom storage solution, you can make this spot in your home functional, efficient, and inviting. Saving yourself time and a stressful transition from home to wherever you are going with a functional mudroom.

A mudroom functions as a transitional space between the outside and inside. Its purpose is to house items that otherwise are dumped when entering the house. Your mudroom should be thoughtfully organized, and the storage within it should be functional to meet your needs. Mudrooms are essential to keeping the rest of your home organized, clean, and clutter-free.

Benefits of having a Mudroom

  • Providing your home with extra storage space. Rather than fumbling through different closets to find a specific item, have a convenient place to commonly reached for items.

  • Thoughtful organization and a cleaner home. Having a mudroom prevents dirty shoes, wet jackets, smelly sports gear, etc. from entering your main living space. Thus, you'll have cleaner floors and a more open living space, which alleviates constantly tripping over and picking up jackets and shoes.

  • Increased responsibility for children to keep track of the personal things that they need to leave the house. They'll finally have a place to hang their backpack and put their shoes on! Ahh, mornings have never gone smoother…

  • Higher home value - A mudroom is a nice feature to have, and it instantly boosts your home value. Buyers can be attracted to custom storage such as lockers and cubbies; it becomes a selling point that buyers can’t wait to utilize.

Keep in mind when planning your mudroom, it should function as its own storage area. Consider only storing belongings that come and go often. A mudroom should function as a transition area, not a storage room housing every jacket and pair of shoes you own. For example, store jackets and shoes you wear often and keep less worn items in another closet. It’s a good idea to have a mixture of storage options to accommodate different needs in your mudroom.


Think of your mudroom like a public space; restaurants and schools use hooks to hang jackets and backpacks, why not carry that concept into your home? Hang one hook per person in your family. Attaching hooks at eye level for children will make it easier for them to hang their jackets and backpack. Along with that, pay attention to the season you’re in. Only hang in season necessities such as an umbrella and rain jacket for the spring, heavier coat in the winter, etc. Having multiple jackets for different seasons hanging up can clutter the space and will cause you to take longer choosing the right jacket before leaving. Sticking to your current needs will make it easier to throw on what you need and go.


We can design a custom locker system to fit the space of any home. If space allows, having an assigned locker for each person in your family can streamline a mudroom. If you have limited space, having two to three lockers can still accommodate the needs of your family. Lockers are beneficial because they can be built to accommodate unique storage needs. They can be equipped with cabinets, a bench, shelving, etc. Mudroom lockers resemble lockers in your child's school. Children are taught at school to keep track of their belongings and hang their coat and backpack. Having the same system implemented at home blends the same responsibilities they have at school with their duties at home. Personalize the inside of your child's locker by hanging school artwork, the hot lunch schedule, or important reminders. Visually seeing school or extracurricular programs can better prepare your children for taking on the day.


Regardless of if you have a locker system or not, a bench with built-in drawers can satisfy the needs of your family. Having a place to sit and put your shoes on is very convenient. Children will be able to put their shoes on and take them off easier too. Underneath drawers can hold shoes, winter accessories, or extracurricular necessities. (Corral dance shoes, cleats, shin guards, etc.) The bench can also act as a place to put a purse or briefcase.


Open shelving or shelving behind cabinet doors can provide multi-functional storage for your mudroom.

  • Store your off-season gear up high to keep them out of the way but still easily accessible.

  • Place a wipeable liner on bottom shelves to place muddy shoes on.

  • Store a small step stool if young children need help reaching their jackets or higher shelves.

  • Utilize a shelf like a mini vanity. Keep a few necessities you may have forgotten to throw in your bag, such as a phone charger, lip balm, hair ties, etc. Place your sunglasses, sunscreen, or wallet in a convenient place to prevent having to run across the house in search of them. Prevent panic when your child tells you they need lunch money or money for the book fair as you’re running out of the door. Keep a couple of dollars in a container on the shelf just in case!

  • Get creative with decorative bins for hiding clutter. Bins can be easily switched out or removed to accommodate different storage needs.

Cabinets & Cubbies

Custom built-in’s can be designed with closed cabinets and cubbies. Cabinets can store sports equipment and other items that you otherwise wouldn't hang up. Wall cabinets or floor cabinets can be installed to meet the unique needs of your family. Having a door to close maintains a neat and tidy mudroom. If space allows, assign a cabinet to each member of the family. If limited space, have one shared cabinet with your spouse and another cabinet for the kids.

Other Helpful Mudroom Tips

  • Hang keys on hooks in one spot near the door; never misplace your keys again!

  • If you have the option, choose durable flooring. Darker flooring and dark grout can disguise dirt from showing up across the room.

  • Place a doormat outside of the door, and inside the mudroom, this will reduce the amount of dirt that gets tracked in.

  • Choose a rug that's both decorative and functional, wash the rug during your regular cleaning routine

  • Place a bin near the door to corral lunchboxes, water bottles, library books, etc. Refill that night and place back in a basket; that way, all of the necessities are next to the door ready to go.

  • Utilize a bin for a different purpose by storing your dog essentials. Keep their leash, cloths to rug their paws, waste-bags, and treats in an accessible area for easy dog walking

  • Hang a small whiteboard or corkboard to post important messages and reminders for your family

  • Before bed, take a few minutes and have your family prepare for the next day. Pack lunches and bags; then place everything they need for the following day in the mudroom. This avoids a frantic search while trying to leave the house the next morning!

In the midst of all this chaos, are you like most people right now cleaning out every closet and cabinet of your home? Closet Connections would love to help you come up with a new design to help maximize your space. Controlling clutter is key to reducing stress.

Email Closet Connections a photo of your space, as well as dimensions and we will email you back 3D renderings: Contact us for a Free Design Consultation at (313) 884-1818, and make sure to like our Facebook page for useful tips on organizing your space!

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