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Useful Tips For A More Organized Closet

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

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Are you tired of rotating between the same outfits, even though your wardrobe is full? Picking out an outfit everyday shouldn’t be a hassle. However, it can become a frustrating task when your closet overwhelms you. With the New Year among us, there isn’t a better time to tackle your closet space.

Check out these useful tips for a more organized closet!

  • Combine like items together – ex. t-shirts in one place, sweaters in another

  • Coordinate hangers to match, giving your closet a boutique look

  • Invest in matching baskets to house below your hanging clothes, these can corral like items such as belts, flip flop, small purses

  • Store jewelry in one place, making it easy to find

  • Even place a mirror near your closet space to visually see your looks

  • Store your most worn, casual shoes in easy to access place

  • Keep your less worn shoes in labeled, easy to reach boxes

  • Purge often! Getting rid of what you don’t reach for most will keep you wearing what you love

  • Even get a friend to help you purge, a second opinion can sometimes make the process easier!

  • Turn hangers around at the start of the year, whichever hangers are still turned around by the end of the season/year, assess the piece & purge!

Check back for more tips and information from Closet Connections, and contact us today to request an appointment or get a free quote.

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