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Our Process


Free Consultation

Your project begins with a free consultation-you’ll provide us with information about the current space and any ideas about how you'd like the space to function. From there, we will set up an in-home consultation with our expert designers. They will come to you and measure the space; these consultations typically take about an hour.

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Design Process

After your consultation is complete, our designers will collaborate and create a virtual design of your custom storage solution. A second consultation will be scheduled for you to go over your designs with our designers in person. Design consultations take place at our storefront, and typically last an hour. Each proposal will include your personal finish, style, and hardware, along with a model of the space. In detailed diagrams, you'll be able to visually see your storage solution come to life! Each design includes measurements with the diagrams. After reviewing the designs, you have the ability to modify and make any last minute changes before the design is finalized. 



With your designs just right, a date will be chosen for install. 

Installations typically take a couple of hours to two days, depending

on the size of the job.​​



Find Peace & Calm

Find peace and calm in your brand new Custom storage solution! Getting dressed in the morning or finding something around the house has never been easier!

From your first consultation through the design and installation process, we take pride in providing excellent and professional customer service.

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