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2020 Holiday Gift Guide #5

Shop this gift guide: No.1 – Gold Organizer $30 // No.2 Utensil Organizer $10 // No.3 Reusable Storage Bags $36 // No.4 Gardner’s Seat $40 // No.5 9 Piece Bowl Set $50 // No.6 Gold Vase $28 // No.7 “The Vault” $50 // No.8 Tile $25

We’re back for our fifth and final gift guide for the 2020 Holiday season! It’s been so fun to put together these over the last couple of weeks. We hope that you’ve enjoyed following along and that you got inspired too! This week, we put together eight creative organizing gifts for yourself or to give. Click the corresponding number to the photo and find a description of the product below.

No.1 This gold organizer is a great gift for organizing any space. Perfect for a desk, to organize in the kitchen, bathroom, etc. It has to be one of the prettiest organizers we’ve ever seen! We love that the cups don’t move around and that there is a tray attached.

No.2 This utensil organizer makes the perfect gift for anyone limited on space. Great for college aged young adults or someone moving out for the first time. It can fit up to 24 pieces of silverware while taking up less than half the space of a normal utensil holder - genius!

No. 3 These reusable storage bags are a random gift but will be greatly appreciated. Made of silicone, these bags are great substitutes to plastic bags. They are dishwasher safe and make a great sustainable gift!

No.4 This gardener’s seat is the perfect gift for someone in your life who loves to garden. This handy workstation is both a seat and tool holder combined!

No.5 This 9 Piece Bowl Set makes such a fun gift for anyone who loves to cook and bake. The set comes with two mixing bowls, a colander, sieve, and measuring cups that are bright colors and stack nicely together.

No.6 This Staggered Gold Vase is a wonderful gift to give anyone. Its unique design would look so pretty in anyone’s house.

No.7 This fun gift is creative and useful, known as “The Vault” it’s an all-in-one desk organizer. It keeps your important files, documents and objects all in one place. It can be personalized too.

No.8 The Tile is for the person who constantly loses track of their keys, wallet, or phone. Use the Tile app to find your lost belongings and a ringing sound will be sent to the tile, making your lost things easier to find. They now come in a variety of fun colors and patterns too!

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