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Ruby’s Reach-In Closet Makeover

Ruby’s closet is a small reach-in style, frequently seen in older homes in and around Grosse Pointe. This closet had a ton of dead space and simply was not working for her -- she was utilizing an old filing cabinet to store dance attire, and could not even reach her school uniforms! Ruby really needed a system that was functional for her now, yet also something she could grow into.

Our team completely transformed this tiny reach-in!

We utilized vertical space, including open shelving to the ceiling, as well as double hang rods, allowing Ruby to reach her clothes while also increasing hanging space. Wire pull-out baskets (lined with a machine washable cloth lining) now hold her dance attire and accessories.

The best thing about this closet is that the material is completely adjustable, it’s built to stand the test of time and can be easily modified down the road. We couldn’t be happier with the transformation of this space (and check out the adorable hot pink hangers - so cute)!

COST: Approximately $700 (price includes installation and custom wire pull-out baskets with cloth liners)


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