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2020 Holiday Gift Guide #3

Shop This Gift Guide// No.1 Air pod – Watch Stand $15 // No.2 Charging Hub $25 // No.3 Sanitizing Box $85 // No.4USB Charger $45 // No.5 Cord Holder $15 // No. 6 Pura Home Diffuser $68 // No. 7 Air Pod Case $25 // No. 8 Bento Organizer $40

We’re so excited about this gift guide! Today we’re sharing some of our favorite tech accessories and organizers. These make great gifts for anyone in your life. Coworkers, friends, family, caregivers, etc. There is something for everyone! Here are some practical and creative gift ideas…

** Follow along every Monday throughout the month of November for more Holiday Gift Guides to come. Click each corresponding number from the photo to shop each item. We hope you get inspired!

No. 1 This 2 in 1 air pod and apple watch charging doc is perfect to set on a work desk or bedside table. It’s compatible with all apple products. It’s simple and clean and comes in a few colors.

No. 2 Let’s take it up a notch – check out this 3 in 1 charging hub.

With four color options, this charging hub is compact and the perfect accessory to keep your devices together and charged. It’s something you never realized you needed, until you have it! Works with all Apple Watches, Air pods, and iPhones.

No. 3 For a unique but practical gift, a sanitizing box is a great gift for this holiday season. If you’ve never heard of one of these, you place small items like your phone, keys, sunglasses, cards, etc. into the box and it uses UV technology to kill 99.9% of germs in just ten minutes. Especially during the winter season, it’s important to keep our most used items clean, whoever you’re buying this for will thank you!!

No. 4 This chic keychain keeps your devices charged for on the go. The USB to charging cord plugs into the port of your laptop or portable power bank to keep your devices charged in your bag. The fringed tassel, gold hard ware and leather tag make this keychain a cute and thoughtful gift. It comes in a bunch of colors and 3 different patterns of plaid- it can also be monogramemd!

No.5 This cord holder is simple yet practical. It comes in a ton of colors and has 5 star ratings. Keep your chargers and cords together with this leather cord wrap with a magnetic closure- again it can be monogrammed!

No. 6 This Pura home diffuser is an innovative diffuser that you control over your phone. It connects to an app that gives you control over timing, scents, and intensity. You can create a custom schedule and the app lets you know when you are running low. It also has a night light attached! Fragrance refills include one of our favorite scents, the Capri Blue fragrance – in Volcano!!

No. 7 These air pod cases make a fun gift for all ages!

No. 8 This bento box tech organizer makes another fun gift for anyone. Perfect for on the go, this is a fun way to keep all devices together and organized.

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