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Maximize Productivity With An Organized Home Office Space

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

March 10th is National Organize Your Home Office Day! With Spring right around the corner, it’s time to start checking off your Spring cleaning list and tackle your home office space. Trying to get work done in a cluttered and disorganized home office can be incredibly unmotivating. It can be hard to focus on specific tasks when the space you’re working in overwhelms you. Knowing where to begin in the organizing process can seem daunting. Here at Closet Connections, we’d love to provide you with a custom storage solution!

Working from home is becoming more common than ever, studies have shown, “5.2% of workers in the US worked at home in 2017-or 8 million people. That share is up from 5% in 2016, and 3.3% in 2000.” Being productive in your home office can be both convenient and efficient with the right design. Whether you are working from home or not, every household should have its own ‘command center.’ Having a designated spot to pay bills, file away important documents, schedule appointments, complete school work, etc. alleviates feeling overwhelmed and forgetful. Moving towards an organized space doesn’t always mean perfectly neat surfaces and color-coded labels. It’s about maximizing your home office space in a way where everything has a place.

Maintaining an organized home office will keep you motivated to complete tasks and will increase your productivity.

Whether you have an entire room designated for a home office or just a small area somewhere else in your house, we offer a variety of unique storage solutions to keep your space organized! Closet Connections designs custom desk built-ins equipped with bookcase shelving, file drawers, cabinets, etc. Our storage solutions are custom designed and built to meet your unique needs and style. Let us help you make the most of your home office and maximize your storage to keep you both motivated and productive!

Compliment the interior of your home with matching custom cabinets, drawers, and built-ins. Choose from over a dozen color options and hardware.

Built- In’s – Thoughtfully store books or showcase memorabilia and décor in custom-built bookcases

Cabinets – Easily tuck away office necessities behind closed doors to minimize a cluttered desktop and keep your space looking tidy

  • Under Cabinet Lighting (Low Profile LED lighting strips) Mounted directly beneath cabinets illuminate your workspace below

  • Cubbies installed underneath cabinets provide extra storage and a unique place to store décor items or commonly reached for office supplies; combining your home office with the rest of your home and style


  • File Drawers- Conceal file folders in a convenient easy to reach spot; blending your files into the rest of your desk space removes the clunky file cabinet from the room and keeps a high end feel to the home office

  • Fully Extended Beech Office Drawers- provide storage to house your printer, printer paper, and keep other clunky accessories such as the wifi router tucked away but with easy access

  • Wire Trays –Attached underneath desk space to corral cords and control cable clutter

  • Silver Track – Utilize Vertical wall space with Silver Track – Installed directly to the wall; maximizes wall space with a variety of accessories that can attach

Silver Track Accessories

File Hangers - Allows for easy access to frequently used files…multiple file hangers can be easily attached for more storage space

Mini Tray & Pen Tray - Keep small office supplies such as post-it notes, writing utensils, paper clips, etc. collected and at eye level for easy reach

Pen Cup – Attached at eye level for easy storage for writing utensils, a place to store your cell phone, etc.

Setting up your Home Office for Success

Personalize your custom home office space for optimal comfort while working

  • Bring in comfortable furniture for other seating options – sitting in a desk chair after some time can get uncomfortable. If space allows, include a comfy chair or couch within your office. Having another place to sit and work will keep you engaged.

  • Focus on lighting - Floor and desk lamps can offer a cool or warm tone glow while illuminating your workspace. Ensure your lighting selection is comfortable and that it isn’t too bright or too dark – don’t forget about natural light! If your home office has windows, keep the curtains open and let the sunlight shine through. Position yourself near the window for fresh light and air during your work time.

  • Dress the space by including curtains for a window, a rug for the floor, pillows to the seating area, etc.

  • Add a personal touch by displaying family photos, achievement awards, and meaningful knick-knacks

  • Add a small bulletin board or dry erase board for a quick spot to place notes and to-do lists

  • Bring in house plants to keep the air fresh! Research has shown, "Having plants in an office can improve both your productivity and make you happier while you work.”

  • Inspire yourself! Hang artwork or a vision board to give you even more inspiration

Check out these additional articles for helpful tips for making the most out of your Home Office Space! Contact us today at (313) 884-1818 to request an appointment and make sure to Like Closet Connections on Facebook.

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