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Outdoor Organizing - Patio, Kids Storage, Gardening Supplies, etc.

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

There’s no better time than now to enjoy spending time with your family. There will come a day again when we can enjoy our spaces with our closest friends too. This extra time is the perfect opportunity to get your backyard space ready for when normalcy resumes. Eating dinner together shouldn’t just be saved for the weekend. Enjoy a casual dinner together with the family and bond around a bonfire any night of the week. With restaurants being closed for dining, change up your dining scene by having dinner outdoors. Whether big or small, your backyard is the outdoor extension of your home. It’s utilized for entertaining, playing, gardening, and most importantly – relaxing. Utilize your backyard space best by keeping it organized. Stop waiting for Friday, when you can have family time any day of the week in your cozy backyard. Invite guests over this summer without hesitation, knowing you have the perfect space to entertain. It can be difficult to truly sit back and relax when there’s toys scattered around, tools cluttering the space, and no place to sit. Spending a little bit of time investing in making the space functional will keep you utilizing your backyard space for months to come. Get your backyard cleaned up and ready for this summer, have it truly be a place to kick up your feet and relax! Make the most of the warmer days ahead by enjoying your backyard with your family and friends.

Patio Storage

Maintain the look of your patio surface by brushing the leaves away and power washing it each year. If needed, have it resealed every couple of years to keep the surface protected.

Outdoor furniture is meant to be outdoors, but without proper care it can end up getting destroyed in the weather, leaving you wasting money on purchasing new outdoor necessities. Investing in a well-made patio set will last you many years in the sunshine. Keep the set looking fresh and new by storing it away for the winter and wiping it down when setting it up in the springtime. If your set includes cushions, put them away in bad weather in a storage bin. These can be purchased from many stores that sell outdoor furniture and can match the aesthetic of your outdoor space. Keep your grill and tabletop protected with a slipcover. Taking these extra measures will protect your outdoor furniture and preserve it for many years of use.

Make your outdoor space something you look forward to spending time in. Purchase throw pillows for the outdoor furniture and keep citronella candles close for late nights. If you enjoy meals with your family and friends outdoors, purchase a dining set to only be used outside. Something non-breakable will ensure you can dine worry free, without thinking about the possibility of dishes breaking when being transported outside. Plant flowers in decorative pots to furnish the rest of your patio space. Ensure the rest of your yard work is kept up with weekly to maintain a put together and peaceful space.

Keep seasonal décor for your patio put away and up high in a storage closet or your garage. Pull out seasonal pieces if you normally entertain for Memorial Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, etc. Fill the bin with reusable plastic dishware, candles, placemats, etc. for each corresponding holiday to add a special touch to entertaining.

For miscellaneous backyard essentials, keep them organized on the slot wall system. Keeping everything together and within eyesight will help you find things easier. The next time you need an extra chair for the bonfire, it’ll be conveniently in its place rather than searching your entire garage for one.

Kids Storage

Kids toys are the easiest to clutter your backyard if they don’t have place to be put away. If space allows, keep toys tucked away in the garage. Consider installing our slot wall system and customizing the accessories to meet your storage needs. Baskets are a great storage solution because they can be customized in size depending on what you plan to store in them. Children will be more willing to put their things away when they can visually see where they should be stored. Keeping the baskets at their level makes it easier for them to reach and see what they need. Keep a bucket on your patio for transporting toys from the garage to the yard. When done playing in the yard, kids can toss their toys in the bin and can easily bring the bin back to where their toys are stored. When having guests over in the future, fill the bin with an assortment of activities to keep the kids occupied.

Large Basket – Perfect for housing basketballs, baseballs, skateboards, etc.

Medium Basket – Store tennis rackets, rollerblades, helmets, etc.

Small Basket – Corral bubbles, sidewalk chalk, bug-spray, jump ropes, etc.

If your children have a playset in the backyard, wipe it down every couple of months to keep it clean. Always make sure to inspect it each season to make sure screws or nails aren’t exposed and nothing is broken. Making a few quick repairs will keep ensure the set lasts and your children are safe to play. If the set is wood, consider restaining it every couple of years to keep it looking nice and new.

Gardening Storage

Now that it’s finally spring, many of us are taking the time to enjoy gardening again. Designate a spot in your shed or garage to store your gardening supplies. Whatever the space may be, we can customize your storage, and by getting creative, the options are endless. A small area can be turned into a workstation to keep your gardening supplies organized.

Customize cabinetry and drawers to keep your gardening supplies together and tucked away. Always ensure chemicals and fertilizers are out of reach for small hands. Consider keeping them up high in a cabinet with shut doors.

Slot wall is again great to customize your storage. Have it hung on any wall, or have it installed to act as a backsplash to your work station. Accessories are completely customizable to meet your storage needs. Keep smaller essentials such as gloves and kneeling cushions contained in hanging bins.

These racks are a great spot to store small planting pots and spray cans for easy reach.

These clear bins are great for keeping small objects off your workspace and organized together.

The hose hook is perfect for corralling garden hoses; but it’s also perfect for hanging rope and extension cords. Outdoor lights can be contained in the winter with easy access for being rehung when spring arrives. You can hang step stools and ladders from these hooks too.

Mini hooks are great to keep tool benches or garden benches clear. Hang small tools, paint brushes, dog leashes and more.

Large 8” Double Hooks are great to store rakes, shovels, and other gardening tools.

4” Double Hooks Perfect place to store hoses and other gardening supplies.

Shallow cabinets are a great storage solution for a gardening station. Store planting pots, rainboots, fertilizer, etc. behind closed doors.

Custom cabinetry works great in any space to house your lawn care essentials. Keep your leaf blower in a deep cabinet. Hang other lawn tools such as your weed whip or fertilizer spreader behind closed doors. Not only does your lawn care storage free up space on the floor of your garage, it keeps the space looking tidy and will have you putting your tools back where they belong, keeping your backyard clean and organized.

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